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Apple iPhone vs Nokia 701

Nokia 701 is one of the top rated mobile phone. When compairing with the market price it is only 40$ for the maximum. So when it compare with the Apple iPhone which is cost more then 80$ nikia 701 is way ahead. Nokia 701 is with Nokia Belle OS and 1Ghz processor 512 RAM same as the iPhone. And contain 14.5Mbps HSDPA integrated modem with 4 Mbps HSUPA speed which does not exist in apple iPhine 4. Camere is 8 megapixel Dual flash camera better than all the other nokia phone cameras. The touch pad quality is also improved in the nokia 701. Nokia Belle is not a child of the symbian Os its nokias own OS - More improved graphics and colors and effects. Nokia 701 support 2D and 3D Graphics as well.So this is why Nokia 701 is More Powerful and Useful than the Expensive Apple iPhone. You can prove the quality of your belle 701 for the fool iPhone boasters.

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