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Nokia and Samsung Company Status

Mobile Market. Samsung Nokia and the others

Nokia is a legend to the people who first use 1100 > 6600 to the N70, Nokia 5800 (top ranked phone in all time). And then to the 701 to N8 and finally stupid Widows phone Lumia . There is a story and a revolution. People who new to use the mobile phones they go buy a Samsung. (Still my 9 year old Nokia 1100 is working with the first battery and scratched keypad with NO REPAIR) . Samsung is just a company who depend on the Google or the Google Android. Nokia has their own OS Nokia Belle and it is more compatible with the hardware equipment with their own products. On the other hand Samsung has to build higher processors and ram to do a simple process phone such as Galaxy Y which just likes a second generation phone. Because it has just 2 MP Camera and 240 X 320 screen resolutions, no front cam etc. Some Inexperience people think Samsung is the best because they haven’t use any other phone models for a long time. What if the Google stop the Android license for the Samsung? Some of the best Samsung products are the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S. But not the Galaxy SIII. It has very few upgrades from the SII. We have to accept SII is the best smart phone on the earth, and the Samsung GS3 will have big drawbacks. Which is more like a tablet pc not a mobile phone? With the screen size processor and all heavy OS and Apps. But camera and Gaming facilities just as same as the GS2. The latest Nokia phone will with the Windows Mango OS in the name of Lumia. But unfortunately it does not support Bluetooth technology. Nokia going to add the pure view technology with all their new phones just like Nokia 808 pure view. As we all know Nokia is the first to introduce the most of the mobile technologies such as HSUPA , Bluetooth , Hi Res Cams ,Mobile OS etc. Most web sites and service providers only develop their apps only for iOS and Android and also Nokia Display size are the Drawbacks. In the other hand HSDPA , HSUPA speed, Camera Quality , Battery backup , for the Hardy use Nokia phones are ahead.
Samsung best phones Galaxy SII and S
Nokia best models are the 701, N8 , Lumia 800
Worse smart phones (Never buy) are Samsung Galaxy Y and Nokia C5 03.

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