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User experience of Samsung Galaxy s3

its Unbelievable phone .... flawless speed pages open instantly, apps open
instantly... great new features allow the sharing of music pics and
movies to you TV wirelessly in 2 ways... one is through a program
called " I media share Lite", this option work only through devices
that use the same wireless routers you...devices include PC's
Televisions with an XBOX or Play Staion connected to them .... just go
through the xbox home options look for the menu that displays music
videos and pics... select movies to watch movies or personal
recordings youve taken, stored on your phone, it will stream them
wirlessly through your router-to xbox-to TV... awsome feature..

there are 2 other options.... if your TV has a bluetooth you can
direct connect this way.. or for $20.00 USD you can purchase an
adapter that direct connects your phone MINI USB in the bottom of the
phone to an HDMI, on any TV that has An HDMI connection on the back...

this phone is mind blowing ... unbelievable speeds features and
downloading ... your only problem is wether to go with a crap company
like SPRINT.. overpriced Verizon at bare min prices of 85.00$ per
month with 200.00 for the phone/ contract mandatory..or my personal
Fav T-moblie owened by Deutsch Com ... the offers unlimted everything
for 52.00 a month!!! insurance is 7-8 $ a month and data is capped at
2GIGS for 4G service.. then data isnt stopped(VERIZON) just slowed to
3G for the remainder of the cycle

250.00 must be paid up front for the phone, can then be financed with
no interest for 20 months... or paid off completley right away


a few more ineresting SPECS from personal use my battery last 24 or
more hours straight depending on usage ... Top that I PHONE ... not to
mention the screen is bigger, 1080P, and has faster QUAD core
processors!!! Suck it APPLE... not to mention android platform that
far surpases what ever apple phones use ?????

to sum up Im In love with this phone ... users who rated it poorly
lack the technical know how to use this amazing phone to its full

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