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Must read User review : Nokia n8 vs Galaxy SIII

I have used N8 for 2 years and like it so much and didn't see the need to change it. But to not waste the benefit of recontact, i have decided to get a new handset. Initially my thought was to get Pure View since i already have a galaxy tab which can give me enough android features. Too bad my mobile operator do not carry it hence i take the S3. I find that it too is a great handset and liked it. However, i still carry my N8 around for the camera is really better on N8 especially with the help of xenon flash and much clearly audio recording. Some how i feel that most of the time my N8 browser is faster. I m not sure whether is the setting issue. Sometime the play store just cannot connect to the server. But everything else are great. UI is good and fast. The design (pebble blue) is good. Watching Video and Facebook is fantastic. Battery life can be better.

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