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Nokia Lumia 510 - Windows Smart Phone

We can predict that the Nokia windows phone will get a good market with this lower end entry level smart phone Lumia 510 windows smart phone. The phone is released for an affordable price and it will be more cheaper in the future. and it has 4inch screen size same as the iPhone 5. So that the phone will become popular and there will be a market created for the Windows Phone. because companies like HTC also start making new flagship windows smart phones  such as HTC Windows phone S and Windows Phone X.
The Nokia Lumia 510 is set to feature a 4-inch display of WVGA resolution, an 800 MHz Scorpion processor and 256MB of RAM. As you'll recall, Microsoft has enabled Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 to run on devices with just 256 MB of RAM. Not much else is known about the Lumia 510, besides that there will also be a 5 MP camera on board.

Those specs have just been confirmed by our own source, who also sent us the picture above and hinted that the initial price will be $150.
The Lumia 510 is aimed at targeting the entry-level smartphone market, and will likely start in China where smartphone ownership has nearly tripled since 2010.
The device will likely be available there in time for the holidays, and should hopefully see a global release in early 2013.

Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Samrt Phone

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