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Nokia Belle FTP 2

Nokia Bele FTP 2 Enabled mobile phone - 603,700,701,808- pure view
Other FTP 2 Enabled Nokia phones

Nokia announces their latest Symbian belle version Nokia Belle FTP2 - Belle feature pack1. The Nokia 808 Pure View is getting a good deal of exclusive imaging and gallery features, while the 701, 700 and 603 are getting the same update sans those extras which will be shared by the808 and the other three, include an updated browser (version 8.3) with better HTML5 support, a "new and significantly faster keyboard" and Nokia Car Mode.
The update is rolling worldwide, but as usual there might be delays specific to a given country and the different carriers. To check if the update for your country/operator is ready, you can use the phone's Software Update app or you can hook up your phone to your computer and use Nokia Suite.

More info about Feature pack2 of Nokia Belle

  • More information about your images, such as image resolution, ISO value, white balance setting, and file size, and the location. When you are connected online, one click will show you on Nokia Maps where the photo was taken.
  • New reset button in Creative mode to change all the settings back to default with a single touch
  • Gallery Grid view when you have the phone in landscape
  • Select and delete multiple photos in Gallery Grid
  • Access to more functions when you open your images from the Gallery widget on your home screen – swipe through other images, zoom, share, edit, and send images faster. 

Follow the link to learn how to update your Nokia phone for Belle FTP 2

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