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User Experience of Windows Phone 8 with Nokia Lumia 920

User Experience of Windows Phone 8 with Nokia Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8 with Nokia Lumia 920


A good example for phone display is to look for jagged edges, they are very visible even for 4.3 inch HD phones like Xperia Acro S, which has higher ppi than Apple I phone.   For those with above average vision there is always the antialiasing fog around some small letters, these are usually visible at above 300 ppi also for people with just normal vision, so how someone came up with this 300 ppi limit? I have no idea but for sure those people dont have the best eyes around, or they are slightly farsighted and not using corrective lenses. (nearsighted people can actually see this better than the average eye person can, being nearsighted has its advantages)

Till date,920 has the world's most advanced screen.just like its higher refresh rate is not easily visible to the eye,the 1080 p display doesn't make much of a diff to the current displays-thats just a feature companies can only boast at present,not much pretty usable.
As for Nokia 1080p display,wait for mws 2013 or wid wp8.x or wp9.

the whole "300 ppi is max!" reminds me of the discussions in the past on how many FPS we need to get perfect fluid motion and what is the MAX FPS we can perceive, some swear its just 72, but tests done on US Navy pilots showed that the human eye is capable of capturing single frames at 220 FPS!

220 fps. That is 3 times more than the previously claimed max fps. Could be same with ppi, its possible the real limit for ppi is closer to 900 then. Its easy to test anyway. Take a 300ppi phone and hold it 10 inches from your face, then at 20 inches, can you still see the jagged edges? If you can then 600 ppi is not enough (ref Apple and their Pixels Per Degree, 10 inch is the normal viewing distance for a cellphone, the PPD doubles by doubling the viewing distance)

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