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nokia 808 pure view review

nokia pure view phone is a very good phone but anyhow nokia has done too much. Actually a 40megapixek camera in better for a seperate comera. If some one need a high level camera like 40mebapuxels he will go an buy a caera but not a mibile phone. Because moble phone is a mobile phone and professional hotographer may use a camera go take photos but not a mobile phone. In the other hand the phone price of nokia 808 pure view is so high and if customer pay that price for the camera then it is useless. Best option is to buy a camre and a simpke mobile phone. Another thing is nokia has decided to discontinue there own mobile os nokia belle and they are going for thw windows phones with windows mango os. They why the people shoud buy the nokia pure view phonw with nokia belle. It is better if nokia can stop this windows mobiles phonesbecause nokia belle is a nice faster os compairing with the androids. So if nokia crop want to keep theremarket in the future they have to take some key decitions and their future will be depend on them,

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