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nokia c6 01 review

first of all i have to say that nokia c601 smart phone is and average phone , it has various price rates in different countries, n lot of price up and downs for the c6 01 in diffrerent shop. Normally in local shops nokia 60 01 price is higher than nokka 700 belle smart phone, which is a good phone and the only draw back is the screen size. It should be at least 3.5 inch also for the c6 01. Because the keypad is so small and the samsung galaxy people will laugh at u when they ask the price of your mobile phone. The internet speed of c6 phone is ok, it supports ten mbps speed anc 2mbps hsupa. And wifi connectivity. If you are using a c6 or what ever the nokia symbian phone the only choice you have is the opera mobile browser which is a good one, nokia brosef comming with nokia symbian is a very lower version and it does not support many of the wdb sites wirh advanced features such as blogger of wordpress and gmail ajax interface. Opera mobile is more compatible with most of these web sites. The other choise yoy have is to upgrade your nokia symbian phone to belle os which is better that complex android.

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