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Nokia or Samsung - hardy use phone ? whats the best Galaxy or Pure view 808- From user experience

I used to like Nokia once.
I admired some Nokias like E71, N73, N82, E72. But then Nokia started to cut corners by providing Plastic casing, No auto focus camera on E series, no imporvement in memory or processor speed for atleast 2 and half years.

I dumped Nokia and started using Android since 2009. Loved android in every aspect. I used many Android phones from HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG. But I did bought N8 which was again a great phone. Lately I have been using Galaxy note. It just happened that I visited Nokia showroom to take a look at 808 and understand what 41 mpix hype was all about. When I held 808 in my hands and worked around Belle on 808, I was in love with 808.

Believe me, I never tried the camera yet. Working with Belle fp1 on 4" screen, 512 ram and 1,3 processor and with tough and solid built of 808 is an experience of life time. Never did Symbian Belle felt so smooth and great. I had Belle on N8 but 808 is different.

Store salesman was eager to show me around 808 camera and dolby digital plus sound which is a high mark of the unit. But I told him I want to work through the foundation before I reach the Balcony. I kept trying applications and loved every bit of 808. But when I tried the dolby sound through headphones and saw what camera was capable of.

I gave up. I had nowhere to run but to buy 808 and be a proud owner of this masterpiece. Never did Nokia felt so great. Now when I hold Galaxy Note in my hand I feel it as a cheap lightweight handset which does gimmicks.Many divx and xvid videos dont work smoothly on Galaxy Note but runs smoothly on Nokia 808, not to mention 1080 videos.

Nokia 808 is proving to be a true mobile experience for any technology lover.
Emails, microsoft Office documents, facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and so many others work at best.
Moreover you get one full day on a single charge which is a struggle with Android phones.

I am glad Nokia made limited units and if they stop making Symbian phones I would be the happiest person on earth because in future whenever people will talk about Symbian I will say I have a best Symbian device ever produced by any mobile company.

Nokia might leave Symbian on a high note (808) and move on with Windows 8 but I would be thankfull to Nokia for greatest gift of 808 to the mobile world.
On other hand if Nokia continues with Symbian line then I would expect Nokia to built even better models in years to come.

I will not stop using Android but I will keep Nokia 808 or whichever better model in future as my prime phone.

Nokia 808 is definitely a Gadget to own, cheer and relish

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