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Reasons for the Galaxy SIII Market

why other blogers comparing our gs3 vs greed and selfish company/gadgets and sf&sO! And im must saying Gs3 is almost perfect and too far from others! Did you can injoyed this features from others:
-bt filetranfer why other companies add bt in there device if no ft,the most porpose of bt is ft since first version.
-card xpansion mc gives you an offline backup addition memory (thats why say expansion) ability to read a backup of other devices speedest options to transfer files/data that why card is important to some of us.
-hspa+/lte4G speedest net that much per region hspa+ gives you upto 42mbps. Is just only hspa what if lte its much speed?!
-advance os!
-friendly gadgets!
-resunable price.
-speedest prossesor
-biger RAM that important
-no restriction, no reuters almost free even if you want to pirate or not!
-natural voice comand and dictation
-not too havier and slim
-home screen and widgets
-file organizing
-Flash support (which u can play
flash game or video on the phone web browser)
-Can be use custom rom (OS
created by developer)

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