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Pros and Cons of Galaxy s3 - Samsung Galaxy SIII

- Super Amoled 4.8"306 ppi pixel density - Better browsing and texting
- Screen Mode (heard only avail. in International version)
- Quad core, super fast
- ICS 4.04 is smooth and bug free and Jelly Bean is coming
- lots of cool features as stated by Samsung; S-Beam, Smart-Stay....
- Great battery duration(especially with Power Saving mode ON)
- Battery access (change with extra battery)
- Battery charging time is much faster than Sii
- Photo taking is instant with no lag
- Video in 1080p HD
- MicroSD supports up to 64GB
- One uniform design across the globe as a true flagship product
- Stock video player plays almost all popular formats out there (ie.
- Thin and light in dimension
- Apps download and install is almost instant but network dependent,
of course (mine is a 3G international version)
- OEM accessories are available

- Center Home button is not convenient for one-hand controlling; you
may risk dropping your phone
- External speaker still not up to par with iPhone
- Didn't come with MHL A/V link accessory, come on!
- Only 1 GB RAM
-8 mega pix cam (Nokia 808 41megapixel , n8 12 mpx cheaper than this phone)
- Photos with flash is too bright in some occasion
- S Voice is useless
- Price...expensive and the phone design some people don't like
- Micro Sim card
- Very very limited retail location for service and support
- Less features upgraded from the Galaxy SII
-Battery back up is not enough

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