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What Next with NOkia Finland company

Nokia has many years of reputation as the best phone manufacture.

Nokia's original plan to use Symbian and Meego was actually in the
right direction. In fact for many years, we knew Symbian was the
driving force for Nokia's succes, sales, and profits. What Symbian
needs is only a fast improvements - and they are doing it now with
Belle, and perhaps Carla and Donna or "E" something. So did Meego, it
was so succesfull when it was launched.

This pictures changed when CEO Elop came, wrote the Burning Platform's
Memo about Symbian as a Dead OS (which made many people believed),
ditched all Nokia's native OSes of Symbian, Meego, and Meltemi, and
planted only WP for Nokia.

Since then Nokia is going down badly - especially with the low sales
of Windows phone. In fact Samsung & HTC sold more WP than Nokia.

The real question now is why Nokia has to bow to MS when Samsung can
independently use Android, Bada, WP, and Tizen and enjoy success. So
does HTC.

In short, Symbian wasn't burning at all. On the contrary it is
improving amazingly fast.

Symbian is the mother of all OSes, the most mature and very capable
OS, very stable, has true multi tasking, and also user friendly. To
put it simply, Belle (maybe Carla & Donna if any) can do what other
OSes can do, or better. The only draw back perhaps of less apps (but
stil there are about 100.000 apps available for download in Nokia

Nokia 808PV is a pure technological breakthrough and a mother of all
cameraphone. Therefore it has a class of it's own and also one of the
best smartphone in 2012. It can perform all modern smartphone
usability. It's awesome - end of story.

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