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s3 vs 4s - User Experience

S3 tops the 4s in most ways however, it's not be all and end all! Being fair to say that the S3 is plasticky and flimsy, design isn't the best compared to the looks of the 4s! Also another point is that you do NOT have to use itunes for everything! If your smart enough there are plenty of way of getting around this ie jailbreak AND other ways! Another point you mentioned is that the S3 can expand memory to 64GB, well sorry to say that the 4s has top end of 64gb and that's what I am using! The iphone is NOT all hype and brand new, just a lot of people using this handset because it's simply great! You sound pretty biased in your comments! Oh and one more thing before you say that I think the iphone 4s is the best....well your wrong as there is NO such thing as the best!

If you go with the S3 you won't be disappointed and you'll save yourself a lot of cash and headaches. For performance and specs the S3 is incredible topping the 4S in every way. I have recently purchased the S3 after carefully running through all the top phones, and found it a brilliant device. With Apple you have to use iTunes for everything which gets extremely costly and having to sync or cloud is a huge pain. While with the S3 you can cloud if you want or just plug it into the pc. The 4S has no expandable memory while the S3 can have up to 64g. The camera on 4S also falls short compared with the S3. The screen on the S3 is hard to take your eyes off its so stunning and the extra size is an absolute must for anyone with bigger hands. At the end of the day most of my friends and family have had iPhones(3gs,4,4S) and are now using S2's, Nexus, S3's and HTC Ones and not one of them has ever looked back. People say the iPhones are great but when you talk to them most have only ever had an iPhone so of course to them its great until they try something else. Only then do they realise that the iPhone is all hype and brand name.

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