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Best Screen size for the Smart phone

First of all, You need to choose what screen size you are ok with 4.0 is the best answer ( GSM Arena recommend)

Many people nowadays think bigger is better. So if you are one of those then 4S will be a dwarf for you.
If not, 3.5" Retina is far superior to 4.8" HD screen.

Next is Cores. Even tough the S3 sports a quad core beast inside it, there are not many applications that require that much processing power, and plus Android is very heavy OS as compared to iOS. So you will get same performance from Duel Core 4S and Quad Core S3.
In my experience, iOS gives a better experience/responsiveness than Android.

Applications are not a problem as both App Store & Google Play are on par right now. And, you may experience some apps work better on iOS and some on android.

If you are from US or any place with 4G LTE, and LTE is the way to go for you, then S3 with Duel Core processor is the only option.

If you are willing to shell out money for a Flagship model, then why not wait for 2 months more, and conisder the Next Generation iPhone.

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