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Samsung or Nokia - No Smart phone is perfect ?

Your post showed that you have inferiority complex problem. People
like you are the victims of Bandwagon propaganda - "Every body does
it". Cant you have a mind of your own? So you choose and buy a phone
because everybody is buying it, even when it doesnt suit your need?
You really have a problem fellow!

For crying out loud, what is wrong with Nokia not joining the
Bandwagon? They are not interested in Android and have customers who
are ok with their Symbian phones. What then is your problem? Is
anybody stopping you from buying Android phone? It baffles me the way
people criticize things that doesnt concern them. You are here
criticizing Nokia 808, yet the phone is selling like fire on daily
basis. You can hardly enter a phone shop, see 808, go out and come
back to see the phone again. Yes, it happened to me. I knew how i
struggled to get mine, the 808 PureView.

Nokia 808 PureView is not a perfect phone and no phone is. Even you
that is criticizing is not perfect, how then do you expect what an
imperfection created to be perfect? Are you claiming that your Android
phones are perfect? That there are no places where the 808 PureView
performs better than your Androids? You must be a big time liar if you
are claiming your Androids dont have issues or flaws too. You can't
get all you want in one device, something must be lacking, so it's
human being.

808 PureView maynot be the best phone outhere, but it will be one of
the wonderful phone ever manufactured in tis generation. We all knew
how good Nokia N91 was then. No Nokia phone has ever replaced it. You
stay there and keep whinning for all i care, people that appreciate
good things in life are out there scrambling for the 808 PureView.

For those waiting for Windows PureView phone, i bet you, you will
never get a Nokia Windows phone that has a big camera sensor as 808
PureView has. Why? Windows phone are slim and Windows phone lovers
will like it to remain so. In that case, there is no way a 41
Megapixel camera sensor would fit in a slim phone. So, the Windows
phone may end up having only 8 Megapixel PureView camera or a little
bit over 8. The logic is quite simply. The truth is, only Nokia
Symbian phones can accomodate any form of powerfull hardwares Nokia is
known for. Its becoming obvious that 808 PureView will encorage
production of more symbian phones and push them into the market,
meaning, Symbian is not going as they have mistakenly pronounced. 808
PureView must have changed that. If The Nokia Belle is this good in my
808 PureView, then the Symbian is on another phase of life. But if
finally Nokia drops Symbian in 2006 as they said they would do, then i
will be proud to have owned one of the best smartphones, with amazing
camera and HD 1080p video capability ever produced in this generation,
in this life time.

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