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Why you must buy the Nokia Pure view 808 - the Smart Camera Phone

This phone is absolutist stunning for what it is. Its got a 41mp camera which as shown,gives incredible shots which opens up a whole field of opportunity with avid photographers. Its a phone that can text, call, check emails and browse Facebook. For me, that's all i ever do on a phone. I don't play angry birds, because i have a PS3 at home along with a gaming rig. Phone games are a waste of time, and when you consider it, that's really the only thing that Symbian doesn't have.
The iPhone 4s is overpriced, and although it has a decent OS its absolutely nothing compared to the 808. Owning an android myself, i notice i barely ever use it for anything other then calling, texting, checking Facebook, browsing the web and taking photos. Thats what a phone is for, not playing angry birds while your sitting on thetoilet. The 808 in my opinion
brings everything to the table, its got Nokia's amazing build quality, its not 2mm thick so its impossible to hold in your hand (and who buys a phone cause its "sexy"?) This phone does everything you want it to do, and it just works. I for a fact, am starting to save for this very phone as i love the fact that you can just be walking along, listening to music on your phone, see an interesting sight, and snap it up, without it being in a grainy mess of a resolution like most days cellphones. Like i said, this opens up a world of opportunity, and really, if your buying a phone for games, then your wasting your money as their not made for games. I honestly wonder why people consider the iOS devices "gaming handhelds" when their not. a gaming handheld is a device specifically made for gaming, like the DS or the Vita, not a phone. The 808 is not a gaming device. Symbian has very little games.
But what the 808 DOES have,is Free navigation, a mindbogglingly good camera, great sounding
calling, a good music player, proper social integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter,
along with a decent browser (although i m told the free Opera browser is miles ahead of the
stock Symbian one) The 808 is a proper, 'Smartness.

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